Experiencing Childbirth From a Newborn’s Perspective

A tale of tranquility, chaos, and intrinsic love.

Photo by Alex Hockett on Unsplash

Wrapped in the warmth of infinity, you curl and bend to the swaying bliss. Beyond your senses are the sounds of those who love you. They adore your every stretch and motion. The very fact that you exist is enough to keep them close by.

You are loved beyond measure.

Endless waves of purity surround your limbs, filling you with warm essence. All is well. You are cared for. Wanting nothing but the continuation of this perfect moment, you allow it all to pulse through you.

Wordlessly, you feel gratitude for all that you receive and all that you are. Rhythmic tides pull out, then return gently. The steady drum of the Center provides you with it all. There is no lack, no cause to gripe.

Endless paradise spreads before you in rolling expanses.

But wait…

What is this?

Something is amiss. Disturbance can be sensed. You turn your head to locate this new sensation. Unsettled, you squirm to get a feel for it.

You are no longer safe.

Spasms erupt and shatter the peace. Devastation invades you from below. Your feet kick and pull inward to protect you. It’s too late, you are being pulled from your haven. You can feel it now. You’ve lived a good life, but the end is rushing toward you.

You will not survive this catastrophe.

Pressure tightens around your head, squeezing. The universe is constricting and tightening around your entire being. You struggle to escape, but exhaustion is taking hold.

Your Goddess is screaming in agony.


It starts at the top of your head and slowly spreads up, or down your body. It’s impossible to tell. There is a harsh blinding white to replace the loving red glow. Clangs and clatters overwhelm your hearing sense.

Ripped from safety, you dangle in the freezing alien environment. Between squinted eyes, giant masked beings leer at you.

The leader shoves something over your face and pulls the scream from deep within you. It erupts with fits and starts, shuddering your entire being. So cold, you shake uncontrollably.

They scrape you with something that strips you of your moisture. This helps a little. You are then sent off to another realm.

You see your Goddess for the first time. She looks tired and weak.

What is happening!?

In the next chamber, there are sounds of machinery and the aliens rushing around. Clearing the way for you to be strapped down, a horrific light is cast upon you. Faces encircle the light.

You cannot stop screaming.

Stabs of pain pinch and gouge you one after the other. You cannot escape. There is no mercy here.

Your cries are beginning to lose power. Your energy is draining. The life you had is bleeding out of you.

Suddenly, the straps loosen and the light recedes. You are lifted inside a warm cloth.

What now? What more do they want from you?

They move you to another chamber…wait, this is the place where it all began.

Your Goddess!

She brightens at the sight of you. Soothing sounds of love and joy surround you as you are laid to rest upon her. She wraps herself around you, caressing you.

Finally, the warmth envelops you again. She softly strokes the tears from your cheeks. She calms your soul.

All is well again.

The infinite rolling expanses return as you listen to the rhythmic Center. The steady thrum-thrum and breathing of the tides brings you back to all that was familiar.

You are home.

You are loved.

You are safe and surrounded by all that is beautiful.

Welcome to the world, little one. You made it.

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